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 Entry requirements for the World Republic

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Marshall of the World Republic
Marshall of the World Republic

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PostSubject: Entry requirements for the World Republic   Sun May 13, 2007 9:53 am

Current Requirements:

    50k Army size

    1.5k Raw up

If you wish to join post in this section. Your application will be reviewed shortly afterwards.

Please also provide the following info along with your application:
    Approximate number of logins per day
    Untrained Civilian (NOT mercs) count
    Spy level
    How long have you been playing
    Have you got experience from any other games

Should you not meet some of our requirements we might either let you enter under certain conditions or on a probation period. You might also maybe need to move to our Academy alliance for a period of time until you do meet our requirements.

The World Republic plays TheColdWars to explore a new way of playing given by the dynamic enviroment of the server and the updates to come. We are an alliance that respects everyone and uses diplomacy to avoid or to prevent conflicts. We do not avoid them though under any circumstances, should we see that our peace efforts are met with ignorance or blackmail by the other side, a full scale attack is used and war is declared.
We do not condone cheating (bug abuse or hacking), nor multying in any case, and we report all such incidents to the administration immediately. We also try to suggest ways in which the game can improve in terms of balance or gameplay.

To be a member of the World Republic requires you to respect your alliance members but also to treat everyone ingame in a polite way and keep a cool head even when being insulted yourself (This does not in any way presume that retaliation towards players who are disrespectful to you or the WR will not happen under any circumstance Smile ).
You also are required to be active on the alliance forums and to respect the treaties with allied/nap alliances.

You are also required to follow the orders of the High Council, failure to do so can and most usually will result in action being taken, ranging from withholding your payday in part or whole up to booting from the Alliance
You are free to suggest any improvements concerning the alliance or specific orders of the HC, and are actually encouraged to do so, as long as you do so in a polite manner. It is to note however that the last word lies within the HC and it's up to them to decide whether to tell or not to tell the reason why your suggestion has been accepted/declined.
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PostSubject: Re: Entry requirements for the World Republic   Sun Sep 30, 2007 2:55 pm

hey i do meet these reqiurements..invite me to the main allaince...i left and want to come back
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PostSubject: Re: Entry requirements for the World Republic   Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:32 pm

Hey World Republic,

I was once in the World Republic, I don't know why I quit. I would like to join again, my rank is 29 and the following things are

Army Size : 1,575,481
Logins Per Day: 1-2
Civilian Count : 0 and 10925 Workers
Spy Level : 26 Spy and Anti
How Long: About 1 1/2 years
Other Experience: Once played "TheAncientWars", till it was shut down.

Hope I can Join =D

Ps: I plan to contribute a lot to the alliance!
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PostSubject: Re: Entry requirements for the World Republic   

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Entry requirements for the World Republic
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